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HDR image editor for photos, paintings and seamless tiles.


Rainbow Painter 3 is an advanced image editor aimed at both professionals and amateurs who want to retouch photos, paint and draw.
It's distributed as downloadable try-before-you-buy shareware and can be purchased online at the very reasonable price of $29.95.


Legendary Macintosh author Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus listed Rainbow Painter as one of "Ten Tools You Shouldn't Be Without" in his book "Internet For iMacs For Dummies".


Everything in this program supports 32-bit float/channel in HDR, which lets you make adjustments back and forth without losing quality!

Support for layers. Lots of blend modes, tools, effects etc.

View and edit seamless tiles in true WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) style!
All you have to do is switch on the repeat function (horizontally, vertically or both) and start working.
All effects and tools support this mode and the brush strokes will continue over the edges.

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Rainbow Painter 3 For Mac & PC

This program has downloadable versions for both Mac and PC, each download being just over 1MB, so why not give it a test drive today?

For more information about Rainbow Painter or how to download or purchase it, please use the drop-down menus above to navigate this website.

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