Did you know that the history of Rainbow Painter dates back as early as 1993? Read more about the evolution below.

The Early Years

It all started in Sweden, way back in 1993.
That year, we began developing a painting program for the Atari Falcon computer (a long forgotten Macintosh competitor), in assembly language.
At first, we didn't have any plans to sell this program, since the sole reason for developing it was that we needed a good utility to create graphics for a game we had started to work on.
Nevertheless, in December 1993 we sold the first two copies of the program we chose to call Rainbow.

We wanted Rainbow to be able to do as much as possible, not just graphics, so we continued developing the program with all types of media in mind.
May 1995 saw the birth of the new and improved Rainbow II Multimedia, with several built-in studios for painting, retouching photos, sampling and editing sound effects, doing simple animations, creating slideshows and even a small game!

We bought an old second-hand copier, and managed to manually produce a very cheap-looking product ready to sell.
In those days, we relied on distributors to get the software out to a few mail order shops where people could buy it.

Rainbow II Multimedia gained in reputation, thanks to favorable reviews in a few computer magazines.
The undoubtedly best review was the one in the British magazine ST Format, who awarded the program a Gold Award and rated it 96%!

Rainbow II Multimedia for Atari Falcon is now freeware and can be downloaded here.

A New Beginning

We had discussed moving abroad several times before, but it wasn't until 2005 that we finally sold everything we had and bought one-way plane tickets to our destination of choice.
We left Sweden for good on a cold December day in 2005 and arrived on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta a few hours later.

As for the Rainbow Painter project, we decided to make some necessary changes.
We switched to a new programming language, C++, and planned to make Rainbow Painter available on both Mac and PC (Windows).
Although the new programming language forced us to start the development from scratch, we still had years of experience to build on and the fresh start meant that we had no old legacy code holding us back.

Rainbow Painter 3 was released for both Mac and PC in March 2009, with a range of new technologies (floating point precision, HDR and more) and features (improved layer options, advanced tools and effects, to mention a few).

The Next Chapter

We bought our first Macintosh computers and planned to develop for the Mac PowerPC platform, still using 100% assembly language.
We thought about porting Rainbow Multimedia, but instead we decided to focus only on the painting and photo retouching aspects of Rainbow.
A lot of modern features, like layers and masks, were introduced and the name was changed to Rainbow Painter (and the version number was reset to 1).
It was released for Mac OS 7.5 in April 1999 as shareware, selling it via internet to anyone who was interested after having downloaded and tried the demo, instead of the old way of dealing with distributors and physical products.
In May 2001, Rainbow Painter 2 was released.

Rainbow Painter was well received on the Mac, with good reviews and ratings, and it was also mentioned in the book Internet For iMacs For Dummies (in the chapter Ten Tools You Shouldn't Be Without) written by legendary Macintosh author Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus.