Site License

For most customers, one or more standard licenses may be sufficient.

Buy A Site License For A Business/School/Organization

Please click the button below to buy a site license key for Rainbow Painter.
In most cases it will be displayed on the screen and emailed to you within minutes, if not seconds.
You will receive one key to be used on all computers covered by the license.

Mac OS X Compatibility:
10.4 Tiger
10.5 Leopard
10.6 Snow Leopard
PC Compatibility:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Then download the latest version of Rainbow Painter to each of the site's computers and use your license key to unlock it.


A site license gives you the freedom to install Rainbow Painter on an unlimited number of Mac or PC computers, but only if they are used primarily on one physical location (site/office) of your business/school/organization.
To cover more locations, you need to purchase more site licenses.

Free 3.x Updates

After you have purchased a license key, you will be able to download and update to the latest version of Rainbow Painter for free, from version 3.0.0 to (theoretically) 3.9.9.
When version 4.0 is released, you will have the option of upgrading at a discounted price.